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Price University

How to Apply


The Application Process

Making the decision to become one of God’s best and brightest leaders of the future, starts here and now.

We are so excited that you are choosing to pursue a higher education program with Price University.

All applicants will begin their official entrance process here once they have complete the K.A.P. certification pre-requisites for admissions. These can be found under the Apply tab. 

You can complete an online application with Price University in just a few simple steps.

  1. By clicking the “Apply” link you will be taken to an official application for completion.
  2. Price U assesses a 75.00 application fee to all applicants seeking admissions. This must be paid first before applicants can receive access to the application.
  3. Applicants will be required to provide information regarding their K.A.P. certification scores. Please have those available to complete the application process.
  4. Applicants must answer all application questions prior to submission. If there are questions regarding any application questions, please feel free to reach out to the university for assistance.
  5. Applicants will also need to be ready to provide additional information such as ministerial references and ministerial recommendation.
  6. Applicants will also need to apply to receive official transcripts from the last educational institution they attended. These must come directly from the institution and not the applicant. Transcripts may take up to 30 days or more to be received from most institutions. Applicants need to plan accordingly if they want to be enrolled within a certain timeframe.
  7. Following submission of these above requirements, applicants will be contacted by our admissions department to schedule their leadership qualification interview. Applicants should allot at least 60 minutes for the completion of this process.
  8. Once the interview process has been completed, applicants can expect a waiting period of 30 days before receiving a determination letter from Price University regarding their enrollment status.
  9. An applicant who has been accepted by Price U will then complete a verification process to officially register for classes. This will include verifying the official program of enrollment based on qualifications, the number of classes to be completed, and financial requirements. Verification process timelines may vary based on each applicants specifics.
  10. Once the verification process is complete, applicants will be eligible to begin the registration process.

The Registration Process

Welcome Future Leader Learners!

Here’s where your journey begins. Below is a your quick registration checklist:

  • You will receive an invitation to your Price University learner email account. All university communications will be sent to this email address. Price U will not send any official communications to personal email accounts used at the time of application.
  • After completing the set up of your Price U email, you will receive login credentials to your Course Management System. This will give you access to your courses.

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